CVM Ventures, Inc.
"We Build and Maintain Multi-Generations Wealth"

Our Mission

The mission of CVM Ventures is to be a trusted consultant to our clients in all aspects of their business and personal ventures. We assist our clients as they interact with Lending Institutions, as they seek capital for growth and expansion. CVM will look to make sure that our clients daily operations are more sensible and analyze strategic alternatives to grow their company. In most cases, CVM will assist its clients in securing the proper candidate for an acquisition or look to maximize its client's growth by seeking out mid to large cap strategic alliances. In today's economic environment, companies of all sizes recognize the importance of utilizing many different resources for capital necessary for growth and expansion. Few companies do not even fully utilize their own resources in order to meet the credit and financing requirements necessary for stability and growth. CVM Ventures will assist in securing financing through our correspondent banking relationships and our vast network of Investment and lending sources. CVM Ventures specializes in assisting its clients in obtaining financing through lines of credit, Investment Banking, trade finance and financing through the purchase of your accounts receivable. Typically, CVM Ventures and its affiliates will work with companies with $1 to 25 million in EBITDA, but does make exceptions for start-up companies with a sound business plan.

CVM Ventures family does not stop at assisting with Financing. As your Premier Consultant, CVM will assist you in obtaining the proper affiliate that will specialize in Marketing and Advertising, Legal Services, SEC or Corporate Council, Litigation Council, Auditors, and an affiliate that will assist in keeping you Sarbanes Oxley compliant. CVM has further expanded into divisions of Commercial Real-Estate, construction financing & direct access to global distribution, outsourcing, and partnering networks throughout Europe, Asia, The Middle East, India, South America and North America. We will not stop growing and perfecting what we do!


CVM Ventures works in partnership with international companies and funds to ensure global distribution of product, creation of a sound business strategy, creation of long-term structured financial plans and assistance in implementing the Company business plan for long-term success.

CVM Ventures expertise goes across multiple industries and business segments. CVM has direct access to global distribution in many countries and has formed a strategic alliance in London England; CVM will continue building alliance throughout the world.


Our clients come first. It is this philosophy that ultimately enhances our reputation and profits. On the other side of every revenue-generating transaction there is a customer who must be dealt with fairly and with the highest of ethical standards. We will build trust in our judgment and integrity. This will forge relationships, the likes of which have been, and will continue to be, the cornerstone of our success. Extraordinary people create extraordinary companies, and we will make it our business to maintain relationships with as many extraordinary business people as is possible all over the world. From these relationships and from our commitment to minimization of missed opportunities will come the future revenue flow of CVM Our long-term relationships, our strong capital position, our principal mentality, and the level of professionalism with which we approach decisions set us apart from any other Consultancy in the industry. Our partnerships around the country and the world, allow us a competitive edge. We are constantly forging relationships, which gives us the competitive edge. We have forged relationships and partnerships throughout the world. Wherever there is potential for growth and the need of CVM  Ventures family, we will be there. We will grow with the ever-changing need for our services and as we forge new relationships in a field, we will offer those services. This keeps us different from most competitors. We do not offer a service, but services that will allow you to grow with us. From Finance to Commercial Real-Estate, From Marketing to Trade Finance, We are your Consultants! "We Build and Maintain Multi-Generations Wealth." And we will meet our competition with creativity, agility, integrity, intelligence and a commitment to exceptional execution.


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